The New All Steel Heavy Duty Hook Tumbler from EAZE OFF!

EAZE OFF Heavy Duty Hook Tumbler

EAZE OFF Heavy Duty Steel Hook Tumbler Specifications:

  • Drum dimensions - Diamenter: 30 inches, Length: 33 inches, 1⁄4 inch thick steel construction
  • Overall height: 49 inches, Width: 39 inches, Weight: 600 lbs.
  • Two built in shelves, upper shelf height: 29 inches
  • Welded steel construction with powder coat finish for long life
  • Four 4 inch solid swivel wheels
  • 1 hp, 110 V.A.C. electric motor
  • Chain drive (#40 ANSI steel roller chain)
  • 1 inch shaft with pillow block bearings

Keeps your meat hooks clean and polished, using leather media.

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